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Based in New York City, CRC is a global team of strategists, storytellers, cinematographers, producers, designers, animators, and directors. We work with clients — from fast-growing startups to global Fortune 100 brands — to help them find their voice, tell their story, and amaze customers and employees alike.


In an era of ubiquitous content, our clients count on us to cut through noise to capture hearts and minds, and elevate their products and strategy into something more — something cutting edge, evocative and memorable.



Investor Content

B2B & B2C Commercials

Video Production

Live, Virtual & Hybrid Events

Brand Strategy

& Activation

Marketing & Creative

Messaging Strategy

Executive & Internal


Employee Experience Design

& Engagement

Our Clients



We’re incredibly proud that our clients

come back again and again (and again…)

Spoiler alert: it’s not an accident.

Drop us a note to start the conversation —

we’d love to hear from you.

(212) 586-2178

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